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The Medicine of your Voice 4 weeks online course with Bettina Maureenji, Amana & Cassie

April 7, 19:00 - April 28, 21:00

The Medicine of your Voice – 4 weeks online course

This is a 4 week online live course of Bettina Maureenji where Amana will be co-facilitating. We will discover and explore our voices in a group setting.

The Medicine of Your Voice course is live facilitated and offers participants the study and practice of voice exercises, breathing methods and devotional songs to transform consciousness, facilitate healing and support well being. This course is for people who feel drawn to experience their voice as a tool for self healing and transformation. It is also an excellent opportunity for people working with people to widen their skills as group facilitators or for people who like to experience voice and music healing in a group. Bettinas book The Medicine of your Voice – Conscious Living Through Singing is an excellent guide through the mystery of the voice and a recommended additional resource throughout this course.


Learn About:

  • Guided meditations connecting you to the instrument of your voice which is your physical body.
  • Voice and Breath work exercises.
  • Working with the Indian Musical Scale.
  • Devotional songs in Hebrew, Sanskrit, Spanish, Portuguese and English.
  • To empower your voice in speech.
  • How to integrate your vocal routine.
  • How to use your voice and song practice for self healing and well being.
  • About the mysticism of voice and music in modern times.
  • The Music of the physical, ethereal and astral body.
  • About the basics of the voice as a Sound Healing Instrument.


This course is for people who:

  • feel a calling to open and explore their voice.
  • feel timid, blocked up or shy speaking or expressing them selves.
  • love singing.
  • who like to discover the medicinal benefits of doing sounds or vocal exercises.
  • to breath deeper and create a space for healing and transformation through sound.
  • like to create their own singing circle or vocal gatherings.
  • like to participate in the evolution of consciousness.
  • feel grateful to be alive.
  • are open to the benefits of being in service
What participants say:
I must say I also feel something wordless is happening in the course too. My testimony is ” Bettina’s teaching is at the same time gentle yet strong and deep. If you are new to music she tenderly guides you towards your birthright which is to open to the music within yourself and let that natural music out. And if you are an experienced musician you can be sure to have all jaded and calcified ideas washed away so you can be reborn into your naked joyful innocence once again. To reclaim your precious vulnerability and come back to where music goes beyond noise and entertainment and learn to open your heart again  I highly recommend her as a teacher. Oh did I mention? It’s fun too and you get to meet an international gathering of new friends who are on the soulful path of music. These courses for me are revelations. Thank you Bettina and all classmates. Kavisha Mazzella, Australia,
Information and registration:


April 7, 19:00
April 28, 21:00